Everyone is different and everything i offer is co-developed with you to fit your exact needs.

My role is to awaken you to your own power, put you in touch with your own self acceptance and give you access to the full depth of your own awareness.

I use a methodolgy bassed on Focusing and beauty of needs innerwork developed by Robet Gonzales (nvc).  

The first session is for us both to gauge if we’re the right fit for each other: its free.

Transformational Inner work

  • Trauma release - working with deep pain and upset

  • Anxiety and depression - long term conditions

  • Self judgement lack of confidence 

  • Shifting mindset and limiting core beleifs

  • Deepening your life path, spiritual practice and self actualisation work


Creative selrf expression

Becoming the author of your own life. Writing your own story. Scripting your journey


Relationship coaching and conflict work

Deep patterns of domination and submission, lack jo sponanatey 


Spiral Dynanics life coaching and mentoring

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Let's Work Together

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