Coaching and Mentoring

Integrate Excellence

Bespoke coaching in 3 distinct areas.  

  1. Systemic Coaching for Change-makers and Leaders.

  2.  Life Purpose Mentorship and Inner transformation

  3. Career Development Coaching and Interview preparation 


 "My programme was unique to my specific needs and vision, and each session evolved as it needed to in the moment.  

Above all, Jake instilled in me the confidence and self-belief needed to sustain courageous action, and was a vital ally in landing my dream job two months after we started work. "

Carbon Consultant 

at Zero Carbon Britain

Systemic Coaching

Upgrading you systems thinking capacity is the number one way to increase your influence at work.  I bring more than a decade of working with complex systems thinking to the table to fast track your journey to systems literacy. 

Mapping the hard systems is necessary, however the social systems are equally important.

Good leadership requires insight and finesse. As an expert in Conflict, Resilience and Communication I can help you identify and influence what needs to be disrupted in a way that supports creative innovation.


Our coaching sessions will give you the space to chart a path through the challenges, increase and improve your self-awareness and firmly understand the core concepts that will support you in leveraging change.

Life Purpose Mentorship 
& Inner Transformation

If you are searching for the full depth of your life purpose, then you already know it's not going to come from your intellect.  

These generative sessions involving shifting to a different level of awareness and listening for the essence of what life is calling for from you. 

In 6-8 sessions your sense of inner alignment with your core purpose will be finely attuned.  You will have the essential components of the deep narrative you are here to live and within 8-12 sessions you will discover the authentic message you are here on earth to share. 


"our sessions included deep inner work to bring my own path and unique gifts into sharp focus, productivity coaching, as well highly practical and intensive interview preparation activities."

Carbon Consultant 

at Zero Carbon Britain

Career Development Coaching

It is easy to loose our sense of direction in the madness of modern work-life.

Having the confidence and clarity to make big decisions about your career plus the support each step of the way is key to not only more purpose and meaning but also the best possible salary and work/life balance.

I have experience interviewing hundreds of candidates. As a Coach I offer my clients both the opportunity to think deeper than usual about their  motivation and core values alongside concrete interview preparation, including for complex multistage online interview processes.

I can help you be sure that you are making the right choices for you and that you shine at your absolute best when it matters most.