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Hi, my name is Jake. 

My own journey over the last 15 years has been about understanding the deep causal relationship between the inner world of thought feeling and imagination and the outer world of action, outcome and effect.

Developing the capacity to deeply shift perspective, shift level of awareness and become conscious of the way you think at a fundamental level are the key skills of mental resilience and creative problem solving.

When you want to produce any result in the world, be it a concrete work outcome, a quality love relationship or to live your life from a quality of being such as gratitude and peace, the critical key is to be able to consciously access and modify how you hold that relationship in your inner world.

I know this because in 2010 I hit rock bottom. I was completely unable to enjoy or appreciate any aspect of my life.   Since then I have mastered the science of the inner world.  Thoughts, feelings, body sensations, the breath and one's consciousness all play critical roles in optimal work performance and deep healing.

Building a life of purpose and meaning for myself has meant studying with some of the most accomplished teachers in the field.

Robert Gonzales, Living Compassion 

Sarasvatti Cee, Deeper Reflexive Living

Maestro Lucho Rimachi, Ayahuasca Teacher

Dominic Barter, Restorative Circles

Today I offer a number of specialised services plus bespoke offerings to suit your needs.

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